Monday, June 4, 2012

Photographs and fun for Red Hatters

It's had work catching a tram at 7.30 in the morning.
One of the things Red Hatters find is that people love to take our photos. Often people just ask outright and we are very happy to oblige and pose readily for the camera. Sometimes they ask to be included in our photos as happened to us when the Ruby Gumnut Goddesses travelled to Bendigo to visit the Grace Kelly exhibition. As we boarded the train and walked through to our carriage we heard lots of comments; some positive, some bewildered and some who recognised what we were about. There were also lots of smiles and the occasional phone whipped out as we walked by.
In front of the famous Bendigo fountain.
As we walked up Mitchell Street to go to the Art Gallery a group of female teenage students from a local college waved to us. They called out for us to stop and quickly crossed the road to ask if they could have their photo taken with us. They told us we were “really cool”. Obviously we had made an impression and a good one at that. As we sat down and posed with the girls they were full of questions as to what we were about and where we were going. They liked our response that we dressed like we did so that we stood out. No beige clothing for us! They were laughing with us as they took turns to take our photo and one girl promptly stated that she had just posted us on Facebook.  Is that the ultimate compliment from a teenager? They walked away waving good bye and saying they couldn’t wait to tell their Mum’s what a cool bunch of old ladies they had met down the street. If only they knew that we feel as young and love to have fun as much as they do.
The older and the young in Bendigo
On that day we had our photos taken about five different times. Some people are too shy to ask and quickly pull out a camera when they think we are not looking. Often we have been stopped by tourists from all over the world. There are photos of us in Asia, Europe and America that I know of. One year at the International Flower Show in Melbourne we spent the whole day being stopped for photos. We believed that the photographers must have thought we were part of the show. That could have had something to do with the fact that we all wore hats covered with flowers. 

Ahhh Blue Heaven
Apart from going to Bendigo we have been having lots of fun. Just recently we went to have lunch at the Pancake Parlour where three of our girls told us all about their trip to the Darwin Convention. It sounds as though they had a ball.  

Looks like the five red hat dwarfs
We took the opportunity to have some delicious food and catch up with old friends. Of course we couldn't resist taking our own photo in front of the funny mirror outside the restaurant. 
A winner

In May we went to Wesburn to take part in a Biggest Morning tea run by Queen Clownabout. It is always an excellent morning full of delicious food and lots of fun. Quite a few of us came away with prizes and over $6000 was raised for Cancer research. Well done Queen Clownabout! 

In the next few weeks we are going to a few High teas. One is this coming Thursday and we will be watching High Society as a follow up to going to see the Grace Kelly exhibition. And in two weeks we will be having a High Tea to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. We are also going to a local theatre to see a production of Grease with the Pakenham Gypsy Roses. We do have a lot of fun!!

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