Saturday, June 23, 2012

Goddess of Chocolate Swirl has her Reduation

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The Goddess of Chocolate Swirl turned 50 and has qualified to turn from a pink hatter to a red hatter. So twenty pj clad ladies attended a chicken and champagne brunch to witness the transformation. Fun and laughter as well as delicious food and drink were enjoyed
by all.
Birthday pink hatter and her red gumboots
Birthday girl and party people
More party people
Queen Mini Munchkin and two of her royal hand maidens
Three beautiful Red Hatters
Something to giggle about but what?
Ready for the ceremony to start
The things we used to wear when we were younger
Beige is not for us
Accepting the symbols of red hattedness
A red hatter at last


  1. Silly ladies! You are FABULOUS!

  2. That's what it is all about.Not taking our selves seriously and we don't as the pictures show.