Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coffee, Cake and Walkabout

This event is usually called a coffee, cake and walkabout but as we did it in the morning this time it ended up as a coffee, brunch and walkabout. Just as much fun. We all met at Montania at 11am and settled in for a lovely time. We caused a bit of a sensation with the other people in the restaurant but they soon forgot about us. The conversation was a lot of fun and laughter, the food delicious and the coffee hot. What more can you ask? After the refreshments we decided to partake of the Red Hat national sport of shopping. Some of us made our first purchase in the first shop we went into. I think at the end of the event everyone of us had bought something and we were all very pleased with ourselves. Our next event is a dinner at a local Italian restaurant. That should be great fun. Also in March we are going to be having a Chocolate Tea Party, a visit to Sexy land and lunch and finally a visit to a local craft market on the beach.

New Beginning

On Monday 21st Feb a new Red Hat Society Chapter was created by twenty two ladies who want to have fun. The Ruby Gumnut Goddesses had their first meeting. Our aim is to enjoy life to the fullest, to have fun and to make new friends. We do not take ourselves seriously and are willing to try new adventures. In our first meeting we decided how we would run our chapter and planned our first six months of activities. After the meeting had finished there was time for drinks, nibbles and lots of laughter. Friends got together and celebrated a new beginning.
Our planned calendar includes live theatre shows, a teddy bear picnic, visit to a picnic race, an Easter egg hunt and of course the favourite activity of a red hatter, getting together for a nibble, a drink and some shopping. Her Royal Shortness Queen Mini Munchkin and her three Royal Hand Maidens look forward to fun times, lots of laughter and adventures and loads of friendship.