Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun and Games in the Spring Sunshine

The Ruby Gumnut Goddesses have two planning days every year. On these days we plan the activities for the next six months. That doesn’t mean that we don’t add in other activities as the months progress; of course we do! Red Hatters love spontaneity. This could mean starting out doing something on a planned activity and ending up somewhere completely unplanned. It can also mean popping in other activities at short notice.  

Just recently we have changed our plans a little bit. One of our members has been unable to attend a function recently due to surgery and she was supposed to organise a tour of Rod Laver arena. That was changed very quickly and we took Red Hats to her. We all turned up at her new home with champers, food and ready for fun while she sat back and enjoyed the laughter and company.
 Recently one of our members had a new garden shed erected in her garden and she decided that it needed an opening ceremony. So in a matter of a couple of days an activity was organised. Ten Red Hatters all beautifully dressed appropriately for a garden shed opening ceremony arrived at the home of Princess Spend a Lot and a wonderful day was had by everyone. We certainly laughed as we made up the ceremony as we went along being that none of us had ever attended such an event. Lots of photos were taken as the ribbon was dutifully cut and all was going to take place in the shed was blessed.

Some events are planned well in advance. Our annual Oak’s Day lunch is one such event. We have horse races with homemade horses around the cherry tree in the backyard. 

Silly games are also the order of the day and of course the delicious food and champers. We were lucky enough to have four guests from the Chirnside Chicks share our day of fun with us. 



A couple of weeks ago three of us attended a Meeting of Minds where Red Hat Queens from all over Victoria gathered together to catch up and to exchange ideas.

In the next couple of weeks we are going to attend a 
Multi Chapter picnic in the Fitzroy Gardens, go to performances of  More Sex Please We are Seniors and Calendar Girls. We will be going out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and be holding our Christmas event at the Strawberry Farm at Red Hill.

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